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March 12, 2019

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March 12, 2019                                                                      



Mayor Scott Martin called the regular meeting of the Lawrenceville Town Council to order at 7:30 p.m. on March 12, 2019.                           



Roll was called; Present:  Mayor Scott Martin; Council Members:  Joyce Bland, H. B. Brockwell, Jr., Phil Gilson, Dora Hardy, Martha Myers, Robert F. Pecht, III and Alice Talbert.  Also present:  Town Attorney, W. C. Outten, Jr., Town Manager, C. J. Dean, Police Chief, Everette Gibson, Town Clerk, Wanda Johnson, Ray Thomas, Pam Thomas, Mike Dotti, Jane Adams, citizens and the press.


Absent:  None. 



Chief Gibson led the Pledge of Allegiance.



As this time had been advertised for a public hearing on the potential sale of the Town of Lawrenceville’s interest in the Lawrenceville-Brunswick Municipal Airport Property, Mayor Martin opened the public hearing.    


Ray Thomas, of 678 Airport Drive, addressed Council.  Mr. Thomas stated that his family owns property on three sides of the airport, so this concerns his family a great deal.  He said he thinks over the years the Town and County have been a good partnership.  There is a lot of history there.  He understands this public hearing is being held to consider selling the interest in the airport.  He hopes the Town will consider keeping it.  His family sees a lot of activity there that the Town does not see.  Activity includes people flying kites, model airplanes, walking dogs, Boy Scouts camping and Ft. Pickett landing helicopters there.  He understands concerns about the cost of paving.  Even if not used for an airport, it could be used for a concert area and festival park and other uses.  Mr. Thomas commented that he believes the property would be in good hands in a continued partnership with the Town and County. 


There being no further comment, Mayor Martin closed the public hearing. 



On motion by Mr. Brockwell, seconded by Mrs. Myers and carried by all ayes, Town Council voted to approve the minutes of the regular meeting on February 12, 2019, as received, suspend the reading and file. 



On motion by Mr. Pecht, seconded by Mrs. Talbert and carried by all ayes, Town Council voted to approve the agenda as presented.   



There were no citizens desiring to speak.



Mr. Gilson reported that the VCU Massey Cancer Center will be staying in the Bloom Building.  We are still waiting for the weather to dry out for the maintenance of the interior.  Estimates for the interior work have not been received yet.    



Mayor Martin reported that he spoke at the first Brunswick County Agriculture and Timber Conference.  There were 135 people in attendance.  The Extension Office and the Brunswick IDA did a tremendous job hosting the event.  Last week he read to students at Totaro for Read Across America.  He attended Blue Day at the VCU Massey Cancer Center.  March is Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month.  The Cancer Center is very active and does good things for our community.  Mayor Martin thanked them for their presence in our community.  Mayor Martin continues to meet frequently with Mr. Dean, Mr. Dotti and Mr. Currin in efforts to market the bank building and meet with potential clients.  There is a lot of interest in our community. 



Mr. Outten advised that the public hearing was held tonight regarding the potential sale of the airport property.  He reviewed the County’s proposal to purchase the Town’s interest in the airport property for the net sum of $277,698.50.  The sum is the total value of the Town’s interest in the property less the Town’s grant repayment liability and share of current operating expenses.  Tonight Council is asked to agree to enter into a contract with the County for the sale of the airport property and that Council adopt a resolution approving the sale, and to sign the documents, subject to the approval of the documents by Mr. Outten as Town Attorney.  The public hearing was required by statute and has been completed as required. 


Mr. Pecht commented that he is convinced that as far as an airport goes, it does not have a use anymore.  It does not have traffic and does not sell gas.  The insurance requirements have changed.  He feels the County offer is a fair and good one.  Mr. Thomas brought up the question of how it might be used in the future.  Mr. Pecht said he does feel the future use of the property has an impact on the Town.  If the Town gives up its interest, it does not have any say in the future use. 


Mr. Brockwell thanked Mr. Thomas for coming and for his comments.


On motion by Mr. Brockwell, seconded by Mr. Gilson and carried by a majority vote, Town Council adopted the following resolution.  Resolved:  After conducting a duly convened public hearing regarding a conveyance by the Town of its interest in real and personal property which constitutes the Lawrenceville-Brunswick Airport, Town Council hereby accepts the purchase terms proposed by the County, and hereby authorizes execution of closing documents, contingent on review and approval of those closing documents by the Town Attorney.  Council Members voting aye:  Mrs. Bland, Mr. Brockwell, Mr. Gilson, Ms. Hardy, Mrs. Myers.  Council Member voting nay:  Mrs. Talbert.  Council Member abstained:  Mr. Pecht.  




Mr. Dean reported that KASS is working to come up with a date when all of their parties can be present for the manufacture and installation of equipment.  They are painting the outside of the building now.  The inside has been painted.  We will let you know when a ribbon cutting is scheduled. 



North Main Street – Documents have been forwarded to VDOT for certification for funding.  They also need federal government documentation. 

Gazebo Sidewalk – The next meeting is scheduled for early April.  We may need to secure easements.      



This is the time for budget requests.  We will present a budget to Town Council at the next meeting for consideration to advertise in the newspaper. 



The application for the Virginia Commission for the Arts Creative Communities Partnership Grant is due April 1st for the 2019-2020 fiscal year.  In the past, the Town has applied for a $500 grant.  The grant provides $500 and the Town provides a matching $500.   The funding benefits the local ArtBank program.  On a motion by Mr. Pecht, seconded by Mr. Brockwell and carried by all ayes, Town Council voted to apply for the grant and continue the support for the ArtBank at the same level of $500 from the grant and $500 from the Town.



Draft Rural Long Range Transportation Plan Update

The report and map show the rankings and recommendations for possible transportation and safety improvements.  Mr. Dean recommended that Town Council approve these project recommendations.  On motion by Mr. Brockwell, seconded by Mr. Gilson and carried by all ayes, Town Council voted to authorize Mr. Dean to write a letter to VDOT for support for the Rural Long Range Plan recommendations as ranked. 

Draft Vision Projects

Mr. Dean reviewed the Draft Vision projects and rankings report.  On motion by Mr. Brockwell, seconded by Mr. Gilson and carried by all ayes, Town Council voted to authorize Mr. Dean to write a letter to VDOT for support for the Draft Vision Projects with the addition of a route that connects Hwy. 58 and Hwy. 46 in the area that is affected by limited access.  It is to also include safety concerns at the entrance to Railroad Street.



The Finance Committee met and discussed the final audit report for the year ended June 30, 2018.  Mr. Pecht stated that the Town received a clean audit opinion, fairly stating our position.  We did have a new auditor this year, Mrs. Jackson, from Creedle, Jones & Alga.  She made recommendations that will be put into effect.   These include a reconciliation process for water and sewer receivables, a process to approve adjustments and retaining supporting documents for fire department deposits.  These are a basic separation of tasks and not a significant deficiency.  Mr. Pecht commented that we appreciate the good work of Mrs. Johnson and staff.  He also stated that Mr. Dean did an excellent job on the Management’s Discussion and Analysis.  On motion by Mr. Pecht, seconded by Mr. Brockwell and carried by all ayes, Town Council voted to accept the annual FY2017-2018 financial audit report for the year ended June 30, 2018, as presented.  Mr. Gilson commented that this is the cleanest audit he has ever seen and he commended the staff.  Mr. Pecht advised that the committee will have a draft budget at the next meeting to be adopted for advertisement for a public hearing in May.  Final adoption of the budget will be in June.    



The February report is in the packet.  The fire department responded to 22 calls in February.  Of the 22, 3 were in the town limits and 19 were outside the town limits.  Also, 15 were in the LVFD First Due area, with 7 being mutual aid to other agencies.  Approximately 142 man hours were expended.  The fire department will host the Sixth Annual Cornhole Tournament on June 8, 2019.



Mr. Brockwell reported that Mr. Dean has information on proposals to work into the budget.



Ms. Hardy advised that the report is in the packet.  Chief Gibson reported that Officer Glover is doing great in the Training Academy.  The next Drug Take Back will be held on April 27, 2019, from 10:00 – 2:00. 



Mr. Brockwell asked Mr. Dean to report on the garbage truck price in the packet.  Mr. Dean advised that the price was obtained through Sourcewell and it was bid out competitively.  Sourcewell is the cooperative that we joined last month.   Maryland Industrial Trucks builds the garbage truck body.  The chassis comes from Goodman.  It will work with the garbage carts we already have.  Mr. Dean said the price is in line with what he expected and he is pleased with the process through Sourcewell.  The truck order can be placed with a purchase order.   On motion by Mr. Brockwell, seconded by Mrs. Myers and carried by all ayes, Town Council voted to issue a purchase order, in the amount of $158,232.56, as negotiated over time through the budget, to Maryland Industrial Trucks, Inc. for the purchase of a garbage truck. 



It was reported that the Cemetery Committee and Finance Committee met and reviewed the bids received for mowing the cemetery.  There was discussion concerning the bids.  On motion by Mr. Pecht, seconded by Mr. Brockwell and carried by all ayes, Town Council voted to work with the low bidder for a contract for lawn maintenance at the cemetery.  Mr. Dean and Mr. Outten will work on a contract for the low bidder.  Mr. Pecht asked that Mr. Dean calculate if an adjustment to the budget will be needed.






Mr. Brockwell reported that there was a great deal of talk at the IDA meeting about some ideas the IDA is proposing for our town.  It will be a pretty good partnership.  He said we need to meet more and have these ideas presented to Town Council.



Mr. Brockwell reported that there was a meeting with a representative from the Virginia Department of Health to review the four different systems that the Town operates and reports on as required.  Representatives from the Town were present as well as Mac Bugg and Mike Dotti.  The meeting went very well.  Mr. Dean presented the Position Summary for the Town of Lawrenceville Water and Wastewater Systems to the IDA tonight.  There will be a committee meeting following the council meeting tonight.



The reports are in the packet.  Mrs. Talbert requested that the sewer plant include an attendance list with its report.  The February report was over the daily design for the sewer plant.  We don’t know of a particular reason at this time.  Mayor Martin asked that we continue to work on CDL training for the employees.



Mrs. Bland reported that we are still waiting on the weather to resume work on the list.



Mrs. Talbert reported we are waiting for the weather to improve for the installation of the “Little Free Library” books.      



Mrs. Myers reported that the YMCA steering committee will meet on March 16, 2019, at 10:00 a.m. to receive the results of the feasibility study.  The committee met and is working on plans for walking and line dancing activities for the spring and summer.  LOVE sign plans are in the works also. 



Mayor Martin reported that he and Cynthia Gregg are working to set up an April 1st meeting with farmers.  They hope for a June start date for the Farmer’s Market this year.   



Mr. Pecht reported that a request to use the airport has not been received from the Lion’s Club.



There is a vacancy on the Planning Commission.  There is no recommendation for a new member at this time. 






Lawrenceville Clean Up Day, April 6, 2019

Spring Clean Up Week, April 8-12, 2019

Business After Hours, Brunswick Byways Visitor Center, April 11, 2019

Annual Brickyard 5 Miler & 2.5 Mile Fun Run Walk, April 20, 2019

Jazz on the Square 2019 Festival, June 15, 2019

Brunswick County Cancer Association BBQ Rib Master Cook Off, June 22, 2019



A motion was made to pay the bills as presented, in the amount of $124,976.29, and post to the proper accounts.  The motion was made by Mr. Pecht, seconded by Mrs. Myers and carried by all ayes. 



There being no further business to come before Council, a motion was made by Mr. Gilson, seconded by Ms. Hardy and carried by all ayes to adjourn the meeting.


Scott E. Martin, Mayor


Wanda Johnson, Clerk


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